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Purchasing Art

Commissioned Work / Sales

Included with each piece:
~ Bill of Sale
~ Certificate of Authenticity
~ Care & Maintenance Instructions
~ If purchased outside of Canada a Certificate of Country Origin (upon request)
~Pet photography available, on location 50. per hour plus travel time.

~ Shipping not included.

If you would like to commission a painting or buy one of my existing paintings contact me.

Rain Longson

About the Artist

I enjoy contemporary realism and it is the style I use the most. It is fascinating how the primary focal point is detailed and the rest not so much, it is how I see the world too.

My paintings are usually acrylic on canvas, but I also enjoy inks, watercolours, and graphite on many different types of paper.  

I start with a dozen or more photographs of my subject to look at. I do several rough sketches then transfer that to my canvas and prep my palette, then I am ready to go. I know in my head what I am going to do and how I am going to do it.

I use abstract painting to play and to clear my creative mind for the next realistic painting. I get to test my ideas, play with different mediums and just have a different kind of fun.

~ Rain


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